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Clubhouse ONLY open by Reservation
Posted on Aug 1st, 2018

Dear Arbor HOA members,

At our monthly Board of Directors meeting held on 31 July, your Board decided to take serious action to curtail the destruction of common association property and ensure the safety of our members.  

Starting this month, general access to the Arbor clubhouse will be restricted and key codes for the entry door will be suspended.  Key codes will continue to allow access to the pool deck.

What has brought us to this point?  We are encountering continued vandalism of equipment and the building, unauthorized access to the facility, general disobedience to the posted rules of use and lack of recognition that the facility when used should be left in pristine condition.  Recent occurrences of broken glass in the facility are a safety problem and potential financial liability.

We are not suspending our reservation policy. The clubhouse will remain available for use provided it has been reserved.  The member reserving the clubhouse is responsible for its' the safekeeping and returning it in the same condition of cleanliness in which it was received.  A reservation system ensures accountability.
This may seem drastic but preserving the property value and ensuring safety are paramount responsibilities that we take seriously.  If you wish to discuss this action, our next Board of Directors meeting is 28 August at 6:30 pm.  We also hope to discuss this as a group at our annual membership meeting which is tentatively set for 13 October.


James Jarocki
Arbor Community Association, Inc.